With its vast roadless wilderness and open savannas teeming with wildlife, Botswana is the Africa of most adventure traveller's dreams. Here you can glide in a mokoro (dugout canoe) through the watery maz... Read more »


The only country in Africa never to have been colonised by Europeans, Ethiopia is a land of jaw-droppingly dramatic landscapes, extraordinary historical treasures and more than 80 different ethnic groups a... Read more »


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Visiting Kenya Anyone watching the scene in the award-winning movie Out of Africa where Robert Redford takes Meryl Streep up in a light plane, swooping low over the stunning landscape of the Kenyan plains... Read more »


Cresting above the laid-back, Tanzanian serengeti, Mount Kilimanjaro bewilders and romances all who lay eyes on its sloping, snow-capped peaks. Three volcanic cones stand proudly, squished together, like t... Read more »


Located off the colourful confluence of Africa, Madagascar is an island nation residing in the Indian Ocean, attracting nature lovers and curious adventurers from the world over, marking a true melting pot... Read more »


Mali occupies the heart of a territory in West Africa that once supported Africa's greatest empires. An adventure tour to Mali takes you deep into a land rich in history, legend and world-famous musical tr... Read more »


Visiting Morocco Romantic, mysterious and magical, Morocco retains a strong sense of culture and constant reminders of its long and ancient history at the confluence of Africa, Europe and the Middle East.... Read more »


Exquisite beaches, picture postcard perfect tropical islands, excellent diving and snorkelling, charming colonial towns, lively marrabenta dance music and trekking in untrammelled, wildlife filled wilderne... Read more »


The many faceted grandeur and harsh splendour of Namibia never ceases to enthral visitors to this desert country. An adventure tour to Namibia covers wild seascapes, rugged mountains, endless deserts, amaz... Read more »


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South Africa

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