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Once one of the most powerful empires in Africa - the fearsome Dahomey kingdom - Benin is a truly fascinating adventure travel destination. Here you'll find echoes of the slave trade, historical and cultural riches, wildlife parks, palm-fringed beaches and voodoo fetish markets. It's also one of the easiest countries in West Africa to explore.

The ruins of Dahomey palaces and temples can be seen in Abomey and King Ghezo's throne, mounted on human skulls, is a gruesome reminder that the kingdom's vast riches derived from the slave trade. Slaves bound for Brazil and the Caribbean made their last walk on African soil down the Route d'Esclaves in Ouidah. Benin is also the birthplace of voodoo, which remains the country's national religion and an important part of everyday life.

One of the best wildlife parks in West Africa is Pendjari National Park, where you can spot elephants, lions and crocodiles. In the south of the country, the many lagoons are home to thousands living in stilt villages over the water, while in the north the Somba people live in villages of fortress-like mud huts. The arid far north of the country is also worth a trip to visit the Malanville market and mingle with the nomadic traders.

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Highlights of Benin...

  1. Dahomey temples and palaces in Abomey
  2. Voodoo fetish markets
  3. Wildlife spotting in Pendjari National Park
  4. The amazing mud fortresses of the Somba people
  5. Mingling with nomadic traders at Malanville market
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