International Short Breaks

We know your next adventure may not actually be trekking through Nepal, eating deep-fried spiders in rural Cambodia or exploring the dense Amazon Jungle. Your next trip could just actually be a beach or city break, because, after all, an urban jungle is still a jungle in our books, and, relaxing on a beautiful Thai beach with a cold beverage in your hand might not be that active, but hey, after the spider experience in Cambodia, who wouldn't want to kick back for some 'RnR' post-adventure ...

Our cheap holiday deals can make your daydreams of zipping through the streets of Bangkok by tuk tuk or navigating the concrete jungle that is Los Angeles, an attainable reality. Whether it s for a weekend or a week, our short breaks are sure to put a spring in your step without breaking the bank.

To book an international short break or find out more details, talk to your My Adventure Store adventure specialist on 0800 461 616 and don't forget to ask about our latest specials.

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International Short Breaks

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