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Andrew - Team Leader, Sydney CBD

’I love working for IMAS as we have quite an amazing, fun and fresh culture in our brand, a ‘smart casual’ approach to everything that we do, and unlimited earning potential! To top it off, every day, we talk about the best and most interesting adventure products, with interesting, adventurous clientele! There is simply no other retail travel agency out there like it!”


You know who we are? We're explorers of the globe. We're adventurers in the modern world. We are Shackleton with a Goretex, we are Indiana Jones with an Iphone. We are travellers. Our story starts back in the '70s, with two young guys with beards, long hair and short shorts, hocking their watches to bring their travel dreams to life.

Today, we're still out there, travelling, discovering, exploring. We want to bring the adventure to you, so you too can be an explorer and walk your own path across the globe. Travel is a tough job, yes, but someone has to do it. [Sigh.] We're happy to take this one for the team.

We work with Intrepid (as you may have guessed by our name) as well as Peregrine, G Adventures, Gecko's, On the Go Tours, Tucan Travel, Top Deck, World Expeditions, Exodus, Trek America and more. Companies with a true passion for taking travellers off the beaten track and into some of the most remote and beautiful places on earth. Companies with a responsible philosophy and a fine upstanding attitude to fun.

We don't just sell these brands – we know these people. We know the operators and the tour leaders. We have Sunday barbies together, chink cold beers after work and meet up around the globe to talk shop.

When we travel, we stay with them. When we work, we work with them, making great trips so you will have great experiences.

Right now we have a limited opportunity for travel experts to join Intrepid My Adventure Store. Do you have a proven sales record and love all things adventure…? If so, you could be part of the most exciting brand around! PLUS there are plenty of perks, like:

  • unlimited earning potential
  • a ‘casual professional’ working environment
  • bright, colourful, exciting stores
  • an adventure educational every year
  • extended leave
  • strong margins, great product and awesome customers!

PLUS, because we are also a part of Flight Centre Limited, you'll ALSO get access to:

  • Healthwise – fitness and lifestyle
  • Moneywise – financial planning
  • Travelwise – staff travel
  • Global Ball - smash your target and see the world!
  • Conferences – we are constantly growing as a brand


To apply, call and impress our General Manager, Cameron Elliott on 0401 718 194, email, or check out the Flight Centre Careers page.