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Who we are and where we've come from

Our travel story

You know who we are? We're explorers of the globe. We're adventurers in the modern world. We are Shackleton with a Goretex, we are Indiana Jones with an iphone. We are travellers.

Our story starts back in the '70s, with two young guys with beards, long hair and short shorts, hocking their watches to bring their travel dreams to life.

Today, we're still out there, travelling, discovering, exploring. We want to bring the adventure to you, so you too can be an explorer and walk your own path across the globe.

Travel is a tough job, yes, but someone has to do it. [Sigh.] We're happy to take this one for the team.

Where we came from

Well, we're kind of a bastard child, an amalgamation of years and years of travel experience, drawn together to form something, ahem, dare we say, brilliant.

We came from a beat up double decker bus touring Europe and Morocco in 1973.

And also from the back of an old tip truck, rattling across the Sahara in 1988.

So, to start at the beginning. Circa 1973. Two of our brave forefathers (let's call them Geoff and Graham) brought themselves a double decker bus in Yorkshire, with the great idea of running European bus tours for Aussies. Three years later, there were four more buses and loads of tours, including the first London to Sydney overland trip.

Cut to 1982 and there were 90 buses. You get the picture. It was what people wanted. It was fun and affordable – the idea worked.

From this base of massive travel success, our forefathers decided to start a discount flight empire (as you do). They opened some stores, painted them red, and Flight Centre was born.

Meanwhile, in Melbourne, circa 1988...

Two more of our brave forefathers - let's call them Darrell and Geoff (another Geoff – it must have been a cool name back then) - brought themselves a beat-up council tip truck, fixed it up, shipped it to London and drove across Africa with a bunch of mates.

The experience inspired our heroes to create a new kind of travel – tours for people who wanted to travel, eat and sleep like the locals. For people to become submerged in the real destination. So back home they bought a second-hand typewriter, borrowed a bit of space and pulled some trips together. Intrepid Travel was born.

People just loved it. They relished it. After two years, Darrell and Geoff had sent over 1500 people on their adventures. And it kept on growing.

We roll on through the annals of history to 2007, when these travel gurus put their heads together. There was a phone call, followed by some lunch and a bottle of red (or three). And there was an idea. (Isn't that where all good ideas come from – a bottle of red?)

The idea was for an adventure travel store that did the works – adventure tours plus bargain flights. Genius! The gurus needed each other's expertise to make this grand idea a reality.

And from that lunch, from that idea, from that vast background of travel legend, they built this masterpiece of adventure travel that you have before you – Intrepid My Adventure Store.

Built by explorers for explorers.

What we like

In a word – travel. Or in two words - adventure travel.

Just like the adventurers of old, we love exploring. So maybe we are not carrying coils of rope made from pig hair and spit, or smearing ourselves in lard to keep warm or wearing elephant tusk crampons, but you know, we're roughing it too.

Sometimes we sweat. Sometimes we have to sleep on woven mats. Sometimes we don't get wi-fi on our smart phones.

But all the hardship is worth it. Because the rewards are a-plenty.

Hearing the water lapping on the side of your boat as you drift off to sleep on Halong Bay.

Watching the early morning stars move across the Himalaya as you look up at the icy high pass you are aiming for.

Sitting outside your luxury tent with a glass of Moet watching the sun set over the vast African plains.

Feeling the black sand beneath your feet as you traipse the beaches of Chile.

Or drinking the local vino with the Italian guy whose father's father's father started the vineyard all those years ago.

What we do

We sell every adventure travel tour on the market that's worth anything. If we don't have it, it's not worth having.

We can help you choose between brands, with real advice on the style of travel you want, the kind of experience, the itinerary, the trip pace, the standard of accommodation and transport and anything else there is to decide. We know because we go. We are explorers too.

We can book your flights for you, with the best prices that you will get anywhere. Seriously, just try to find a better flight deal. You wont.

You'll talk to us one-on-one, with a personal, professional adventure travel expert to give you experienced advice. That small-business helpful approach is backed by the biggest corporates around, to ensure that you'll get the best prices.

And we can do all the other stuff too... insurance, transfers, visas, rail passes, blah de blah blah. Anything you need. Except for maybe packing your bag. You might need to tackle that one on your lonesome.

This travel caper

We are the only adventure travel specialist around that offers the whole gamut of different brands and trips. That's what makes us so damn special.

When you are wading through the plethora of options out there, we can break it down and make the complicated, well, uncomplicated.

We work with Intrepid (as you may have guessed by our name) as well as Peregrine, G Adventures, Gecko's, On the Go Tours, Tucan Travel, Top Deck, World Expeditions, Exodus, Trek America and more. Companies with a true passion for taking travellers off the beaten track and into some of the most remote and beautiful places on earth. Companies with a responsible philosophy and a fine upstanding attitude to fun.

We don't just sell these brands – we know these people. We know the operators and the tour leaders. We have Sunday barbies together, chink cold beers after work and meet up around the globe to talk shop.

When we travel, we stay with them. When we work, we work with them, making great trips so you will have great experiences.

Our travel story grows

Our travel story is not just about the good ol' days on an overland truck. Our story grows every day. Every day of the year, someone from our team is out there, discovering, learning, bringing back advice, information and experiences to help you plan your adventure. (So selfless!)

Between them, our team have travelled through 164 countries around the world.

And your adventures help us to build on that. Planning trips, talking to people and hearing back from them afterwards helps to build our experience.

All of this adds up to making us the most knowledgeable in the business. We love it. We love our job. It's actually quite awesome.

The meaning of life

Our learnings in a life of travel.

It's about giving it a go. Having an experience. Learning something new. Living your life big. Filling your time on this planet up to the brim, like red wine in one of those too-small glasses they have in cheap Chinese restaurants. Your cup runneth over and you know what? It doesn't matter, 'cause the tablecloth is just butcher's paper anyway.

There's a deep message in that analogy. It's definitely in there somewhere.

Put yourself out there, have a try, give it a crack, 'cause what's going to happen? You'll have a huge experience. You'll meet new people. You'll learn something you didn't know already. About the world. About people. About yourself.

And that's what it’s all about, isn't it?

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