May 20 2015
All Your Inca Trail Questions Answered


It’s one of the greatest walks in the world. The Inca Trail has got the lot – stunning scenery, amazing Incan ruins, great walking. If you like hiking and haven’t done it … well, what have you been doing? You should do it, seriously. … Continue reading

May 18 2015
Top 10 Bars In New Orleans

Scott Podmore

Up-and-coming Australian actor Kodi Smit-McPhee said in recent times: “New Orleans is awake all night and every night is a party.” He’s not wrong, and you can bet your bottom dollar there’s a great bar around every corner, whether you’re in the heart of … Continue reading

May 12 2015
10 Of The World’s Most Surreal Landscapes


Nature is pretty cool. It has moulded some fairly bizarre and unusual structures over the course of millions of years. Volcanic eruptions, mineral deposits, and wind and water erosion have contributed towards the creation of these 10 surreal landscapes. So walk along the salt pans, … Continue reading

May 10 2015
10 Awesome Cheap Travel Experiences For About $20


What defines a well-spent 20 bucks when it comes to cheap travel? Good value? A lasting memory? Or maybe a cool souvenir? Perhaps something authentic, something fun, something memorable. If you have the local equivalent of a couple of tenners in your pocket, we reckon you … Continue reading

Apr 10 2015
8 epic places you’ll wish you’d been to before everyone else!


You’ve probably got a bucket list as long as a pole vault stick. And that’s in 6-point font. But that list just got longer. You can add these eight awesome places straight on – even though you’ve probably never heard of them. Plain of … Continue reading

Apr 7 2015
Does the Melbourne Comedy Festival rate on the world stage?


Sometimes, down under in Ostraya, we can have a bit of an insecurity complex. We’re a small pond of fish, a long way from the vast cosmopolitan sea of the world. And sometimes we’re not sure – are we good enough? When the promoters … Continue reading

Mar 18 2015
Into Africa: Odyssey in to the land of Golden Serengeti & Masai Mara


Africa is a dusty continent of sprawling plains, a golden Serengeti and forbidding beauty; a cultural potion of tensions, celebrations, traditions and colours. Falling in love with the romanticism of Africa is easy through the limited lens of travel blogs and second hand stories. … Continue reading

Mar 16 2015
The 12 most clichéd travel photos


We’ve all done it. Done the obligatory daggy tourist pose when the location calls for it. Why wouldn’t you? What’s the point of being thousands of kilometres from your loved ones if you can’t secretly release your inner dag? And then post it on … Continue reading

Mar 12 2015
Our 18 favourite travel apps. Don’t leave home without them!


Organise Yourself TripIt – travel itinerary organiser This handy little app is a winner when you want to gather your whole itinerary in one place – flights, hotels, tours, driving directions and transport can all be loaded. In fact, if you send your travel … Continue reading

Mar 11 2015
What Your Travel Bag Says About You


If you’re looking for some lavish generalisations classifying travellers into neat stereotypes, by George, have you come to the right place. Pour yourself a cup of tea, settle back and relax as we take you on a smug, self-satisfied traveller’s journey through that fascinating group … Continue reading