Mar 18 2015

Into Africa: Odyssey in to the land of Golden Serengeti & Masai Mara


Africa is a dusty continent of sprawling plains, a golden Serengeti and forbidding beauty; a cultural potion of tensions, celebrations, traditions and colours. Falling in love with the romanticism of Africa is easy through the limited lens of travel blogs and second hand stories. … Continue reading

Mar 16 2015

The 12 most clichéd travel photos


We’ve all done it. Done the obligatory daggy tourist pose when the location calls for it. Why wouldn’t you? What’s the point of being thousands of kilometres from your loved ones if you can’t secretly release your inner dag? And then post it on … Continue reading

Mar 12 2015

Our 18 favourite travel apps. Don’t leave home without them!


Organise Yourself TripIt – travel itinerary organiser This handy little app is a winner when you want to gather your whole itinerary in one place – flights, hotels, tours, driving directions and transport can all be loaded. In fact, if you send your travel … Continue reading

Mar 3 2015

An ode to the fried potatoes. (And classic Indian batata vada recipe)


An ode to the fried potatoes Fried potatoes. Is there a better phrase in the English language? We doubt it. Chips, roesti, french fries, duck-fat roast potatoes, wedges, patatas bravas, hash browns… whatever the cuisine, if it’s potatoes fried in something fatty, it’s delicious. … Continue reading

Mar 2 2015

Pop quiz: Can you identify these 21 buildings?


Pop quiz: Can you identify these 21 buildings? Think you’ve done a bit of travel? Seen a few buildings? See how you go with our architectural pop quiz – identify these 21 buildings. Some of them are trickier than you think, yo. Answers at the … Continue reading

Feb 25 2015

Why you need to visit Cuba now!


Cuba. A time-warp island of colourful crumbling buildings, 1950s cars and old blokes with massive cigars. There’s an authenticity in Cuba which is surprising. It lives up to its cliché. It’s all you imagine and more. The intensity of the colour. The actual, real … Continue reading

Feb 23 2015

Top 5 Adventures When Money is no Object


Imagine if you could plan whatever trip you wanted to. Any amount of luxury or adventures. And cash just wasn’t a consideration. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Or perhaps that’s actually true for you. You lucky dog, you! Either way, it’s good food for thought. … Continue reading

Feb 18 2015

Cheap thrills: 9 adrenalin-pumping things to do – for free


Perch on Trolltunga lookout, Norway Trolltunga – the Troll’s Tongue – is a narrow piece of rock jutting out above the stunning Norwegian landscape of lakes, cliffs and glaciers. It’s a challenging 4-hour hike to reach Trolltunga (your knees wont thank you), but the … Continue reading

Feb 18 2015

19 tips for packing your travel bag


1) King and ruler of all packing tips: Don’t take much Pack light. Take waaaay less than you think. Take a small, easy-to-carry travel bag. Under-pack and buy it there if you need it. Right. Now that that’s out of the way, here’s some … Continue reading

Jan 21 2015

8 places where nobody will notice you aren’t wearing pants


It was the 14th annual No Pants Subway Ride on 11 January, where commuters all over the world headed to work on public transport – sans trousers. Which got us thinking… where else can you blend in with the masses with no pants on? … Continue reading