Nov 16 2015
Viet-nom-nom-nom! Our Vietnamese food guide


When travelling through Vietnam there is no escaping the stimulation overload. As you walk through the local market and pass by small sidewalk street cafes, all senses are engaged. Sight- the colours and textures, sound- the local ladies calling out what they are selling … Continue reading

Nov 10 2015
A day well spent in Hanoi


Jess Klaebe is one of our adventure experts and the Team Leader at James Street Brisbane’s My Adventure Store. Like all our adventurers, she has travelled the globe extensively. Jess spent time living in Vietnam and being one of our most popular destinations, she’d love … Continue reading

Oct 28 2015
These are the hottest Festivals of 2016


It seems that there is always an up and coming festival. Be it an electronic dance music extravaganza or a food throwing contest – it can be tough to know what’s hot and what’s not. Festivals are sure to embed in your mind an … Continue reading

Oct 19 2015
Top 5 cities for a European Summer


Summer in Europe is no longer just about soaking up the sun, mojito in hand on a Greek island. After experiencing dull and dreary winters, many European cities come alive when the sun comes out. These cities we’ve explored can be a great inclusion … Continue reading

Aug 13 2015
7 unique boat trips to really live like a local


There’s something romantic about boat journeys. Moving towards your future on the water, breeze in your hair, sun setting behind you. Think of Leo and Kate, arms out on the front of the Titanic. Although, sinking ship and all that. Not ideal. But the … Continue reading

Jul 29 2015
9 places you should get to before they’re going..going..gone


Sumatra’s Rainforest, Indonesia The rainforests of Sumatra are areas of outstanding natural beauty – and are the habitat of some pretty adorable Sumatran orang-utans. There are also endangered Sumatran tigers, pygmy elephants and Sumatran rhinos – we’re talking about an amazing ecosystem here. The … Continue reading

Jul 16 2015
Can you guess the 7 Wonders of the Natural World?


We bet you can’t name the 7 Wonders of the Natural World You probably think you can name the Seven Wonders of the Natural World. But we bet you can’t. Try it. Start bandying around suggestions. What have got? The Grand Canyon?  Nope. The … Continue reading

Jul 9 2015
10 of the most colourful towns on Earth


If you need to brighten your day, take a look at these beautiful, vibrant, colourful towns. There’s something optimistic about colour – these are places of warmth, vitality, artistic spirit and hopefulness. They’ll make you want to go home and convince all your neighbours … Continue reading

Jul 9 2015
28 sure signs that you are totally addicted to travel


Has your family become a little worried about your nomadic ways? Do your friends talk about your lack of commitments behind your back? Pffff. Who cares. Domestic stability is overrated. Or, just maybe, you could have a problem. Here’s 28 signs that you could … Continue reading

Jun 22 2015
7 Reasons You Should Quit Your Job And Travel Now


OK, so we don’t want to tell you what to do with your life. Do what you want to do. Whatever makes you happy. But don’t waste it. Don’t have regrets about things you should have done. Don’t sit back and watch and wonder how other … Continue reading